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Decorating Strategies For Your Tiki Hut Bar

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So you’ve intentions of creating a tiki hut bar out on your lawn, from your pool or on your living room. Thats great news because now more then ever in past years, the types of materials to do this are far simpler to get. Keep in mind that within the finish still it needs to be the working bar.

Sure Bamboo Looks Great

To start with, don’t assume you need to build everything from bamboo. Sure bamboo looks great but it’s really a very hard building material to utilize. Its difficult to chop, vulnerable to cracking and can fade to grey when uncovered to sun or outdoors moist air.

Rope Wrapping on Posts

One great design idea that you could see within the beachfront “palapas” in Mexico would be to solidly wrap any posting, usually metal piping, with natural fiber rope. It appears fantastic with no you will ever suspect what’s underneath.

That Rustic Look

So far as countertops use a tiki hut bar, it is crucial that there is a rustic feel and look. The issue with older distressed and weathered wood though is it too is tough to utilize. It’s vulnerable to cracking which is also difficult to find a great supply which will complement correctly.

The skill of Antiquing

Call around in your neighborhood and try to find anybody inside a cabinet or antique repair center that can provide you with some hints on “antiquing” or “distressing” wood. It’s some talent however it will help you to buy new wood for the bar top that also has got the rustic look.

Use The Internet for the Tiki Bar Adornments

Locating barstools for the tiki hut bar can generate problems inside your neighborhood. The best choice would be to use the internet, because that’s where you will get the best selection. There are also some good tiki style adornments online too, for example chunks of old fishing internet and cheeky maritime nick-knacks

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