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Hair Stuck In The Drain? Know-How to Get it Out

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Hair clog is one of the most common clogging issues that are faced by almost all homeowners at least once in their lifetime that seek help from Surrey drain repairs. Hair tends to gather up in the drainage resulting in filthy clumps that clog your drains dramatically, despite taking the help of a drain stopper. But this issue can be avoided without you having to quit shaving or shampooing. There are multiple ways to unblock drains London and facilitate a seamless flow of water.

Here are the go-to tricks and hacks approved by the drain repair experts to keep your drain free of hair.

Encountering Hair Clog Issues? Learn These Steps To Prevent It

Baking Soda and Vinegar As Your Savior

Baking soda and vinegar are two powerful agents that aid in unclogging drains, including hair clogs. To begin with, spur some dish soap along with vinegar and baking soda into your drains. The chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar mixture takes about five minutes to start the action. This hack proves beneficial in removing hair clog. But to be on the safe side, prefer using a cup plunger to remove the remaining hair that might be there.

Tweezers are Effective in Pulling Out Hair

It becomes difficult to drag out hair strands, owing to its stringy nature. If you have failed to pull out hair from clogged drains, then it is time to swap your preferred tool with a pair of tweezers. The drain stopper must first be removed and whether you would need a screwdriver to remove it or your hands will be determined by your drain nature. Now use a torch to throw some light into the drain, so you can see the blockage properly and get successful in pulling out the filthy accumulation of hair. Since dealing with hair is never a pleasant experience, you might want to wear a pair of gloves before going about it.

Seek Expert Drain Repair Service

The professional drain repair companies understand how daunting and complex dealing with hair clogs can get and hence they offer affordable drain cleaning solutions for you. Thanks to the advanced tools they are powered with and the state-of-the-technology they adopt to unclog drains London.

Do whatever it takes for your drain repair, but avoid counting on liquid drain cleaners as besides being ineffective they form a layer over the clog instead of absolving it. More so they also include harmful chemicals which corrode your pipes. Rather always prefer using one of the mentioned DIY methods for a super-effective solution.

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