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Heating Noises You Should Be Wary of

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If your furnace or gas heater is making noises, it is a good idea to locate the noise’s source to determine if it is a “normal” sound or an indicator that your heating system needs repair. These noises are indicators that danger is afoot. Discover what the weird noises your heating system might make might say about the state of your equipment.


The heating system may grind loudly if the blower wheel malfunctions. Additionally, the motor wheel and blower wheel can separate on occasion. What makes noise is when it strikes the blower shaft. A fractured motor mount allowed the blower assembly to collide with the unit’s housing. Any heaters emitting grinding noises need to be checked out immediately by a professional.


If your home’s heater makes a screeching noise, the furnace may have a problem. Your heater’s issue is probably due to worn bearings or belts. With the aid of a professional, replacing a worn belt is not too difficult. A professional could replace damaged straps if necessary. Damaged bearings need to be either replaced or lubricated. We will help you with this process.

A Rumbling Furnace

You might hear a soft roaring sound as your furnace turns on to complete a cycle. But if that gentle roar intensifies into a low rumble, that can be a bad sign. The burner is the source of the loud rumble if it continues even after the furnace has finished its cycle and been switched off. Upon the completion of the furnace cycle, oil or gas may still be present in the combustion chamber. The fuel is still burning, which is why the furnace creates the rumbling sound you’re hearing.

Due to the excess fuel in the combustion chamber, a rumbling sound is challenging to ignore and necessitates your urgent attention. It is because significant amounts of carbon monoxide can result in your home. Ensure that the furnace is off, then immediately call a specialist.


A clanking heating system may be a sign of more significant issues. The blower motor fan, pipes, or blades could be missing or loose, making them rub or strain against one another. If you ignore it, it could severely hurt you or endanger your safety. Turn off the appliance as soon as possible, then have a technician fix it.


Even though it’s one of the most subdued noises your furnace could make, this one is nevertheless alarming. The root of the issue is similar. Your furnace may wheeze when the filter is dirty and having trouble pulling air through.

The first thing you should check when your furnace is operating if you continuously hear wheezing is your filter. Replace it with a brand-new, spotless replacement to instantly stop the noise.

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Finding a good technician is crucial when you need to have your equipment serviced. If you put off dealing with new sounds for too long, your system can get damaged and need extra money to fix. Contact our personnel instead for heating repair.

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