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How an Engineered Oak Floor Enhances an Interior

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Whilst you may think that a hardwood floor is strong and durable, you will find that an engineered wood floor will offer you more value for the money. When a floor is engineered, it is made up of a hardwood veneer that has be prelaminated to a backing board. These planks are usually prefinished in the factory where they are coated using a hardening additive. You can either float an engineered floor on an underlay or directly apply it to a subfloor for a solid feel underfoot.

A Good Substitute for Solid Timber Designs

A lot of work goes into the manufacture of engineered oak flooring in Perth — work that makes this type of floor a good substitute for classic solid timber flooring. Whilst the floor still looks the same as its solid hardwood counterpart, it does not take as long to install and is priced affordably. Depend on engineered wood or oak flooring in all kinds of environments, as it is made with more than one layer. Therefore, it does not damage as easily when placed in humid or high-temperature conditions.

A Trending Product in the Flooring Business

You will find that Australian companies feature a large amount of engineered oak boards in the country. This type of flooring is trending because of its price and appearance. Therefore, you will often see it in residences, commercial environments, and offices. If you want to add a floor that looks great and conveys a solid wood appearance, you cannot go wrong by choosing an engineered timber floor.

Review the Brands First

The best way to ensure you add a floor that will enhance your property is to review the brand. For example, some brands emphasise quality, beauty, and style, and are known for providing popular wide plank oaks for flooring. What is great about oak is that you can choose from one of a variety of colours – colours that add warmth and friendliness to your living or work space.

A Good Environmental Choice

You should also go with a brand that supports environmental sustainability. Choose a company that sources most of its hardwoods from renewable plantations. If you are budget conscious, but want a quality timber floor, you will find that an engineered oak floor will provide the solution you expect. You can maintain the floor easily and it can be placed just about anywhere.

Why Oak Is a Good Choice

You don’t have to worry about caring for the floor in moisture-prone areas, as it resists warping or other conditions that are related to these environments. To make sure you find the right floor for your property, go online and review the brands that support engineered timber designs. If you are not sure about the species, you will not go wrong by selecting oak. Because this type of wood supports a variety of decors, you do not have to worry about replacing it if you change a space’s design. Take time today to review the options online. The more you know about engineered wood, the easier it will be to select this type of flooring.

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