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How much do you add to Overall Home Value through Home Conversions?

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Price tags attached to home improvements would put you off instantly. You may not look forward to going ahead with the project. The survey predicted that approximately £30 billion is spent by UK on home improvements yearly. It would amount to nearly £43 million on weekly basis.

However, prior you actually cancelling your home improvement project because of high costs, a specialist design of fitted bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens in Glasgow, DM Design carried out research in order to discover home much home improvement could add to the overall value of the home.

New kitchen

In event of you looking forward to improving a single room in the home, you should look forward to improving kitchen. In UK, people have been literally doing everything in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen has become the showpiece room of the home. However, you would be required to match price bracket of the entire home to that of the kitchen modification price. You should make a balanced modification.

New Bathroom

The Nationwide Building Society were of the opinion that bathroom should also be renovated to increase the value of the house by approximately 5%. It would also increase the value of the house provided the homeowner is creating a second bathroom. The aim should be increase the overall feel of the bathroom by adding new features to it.

Conversion of the loft

You should be rest assured that converting a loft would increase approximately 21% of the overall value of the house.

Conversion of garage

Nationwide has been of the opinion that addition of a garage would increase the overall value of the house by nearly 10%. It would add another room to the house, as most of UK residents do not park their car in the garage.

Addition of conservatory

With the addition of conservatory, you would be able to increase the home value by nearly 5%.

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