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How To Maintain An HVAC System

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Getting your home painted and mowing the lawn are simple ways to maintain its beauty and increase its value. Doing these simple tasks can help keep your home looking its best, and the same thing applies to the air conditioning and heating systems in a home or enterprise.

Having a home maintenance program in place can help prevent costly repairs and keep your equipment running smoothly. The HVAC Miami helps ensure there are no or minimal system failures to lengthen the life of the installed HVAC equipment. There are several tips one should add to their home maintenance routine, including;

Changing filters

Do you regularly replace the filters on your air conditioning unit? These removable pouches will keep your system clean and remove the particles from the air. Your filter should be replaced once a year or twice, depending on your environment.

If you have pets or allergies, you may want to consider replacing your filter. A good air filter will help keep your system running smoothly and minimize the strain it can cause. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for servicing the air purification system’s filter.

Cleaning the condensing unit

A condensing unit is an air conditioner that uses a fan to cool air. It gets dirty and needs to be replaced to ensure the system’s full functionality and prevent its failure. Once a season, clean the outside of the unit by pouring a water hose over it. It will remove dirt and build up pressure.

Visually create and inspect the clearance surrounding the outdoor unit

Trim overgrown vegetation and leaves accumulated around your company to prevent them from interfering with the airflow. Trees that give off too much pollen can cause issues with your condensing companies.

Check the evaporator coils drainage pipe and its drain pan

If you’re not sure where your drain pipe is, call your service technician. Check the drainpipe for any signs of algae or mold in the HVAC system.

A wet-dry vacuum can help remove dirt and debris from a clogged drain. Also, bleach can help clean it. Crowded drain lines are the ones with the most breakdowns, especially in summer and spring.

Most customers are surprised when their ceiling suddenly fills with water and starts pouring. It can happen when there is no proper ceiling saver or float switch, which prevents damaging leaks to the air conditioning system as it is automatically switched off.

Always call a professional for regular system maintenance.

It is recommended that a licensed professional perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating equipment.  Some of the professionals’ preventive measures are; checking the voltage, looking at the furnace operation, evaluating refrigerant levels in the AC unit, vacuuming the compartments of the blower, evaluating the drainage system and drain pan, and flushing the system coils, among others. All these activities will help prevent problems before they occur.

In conclusion, the HVAC system requires frequent maintenance to ensure the system has no to minimal system failure for maximum system output and reliability. The system should have scheduled maintenance with professionals who fully understand the procedure.

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