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How You can Really Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Project More Efficient

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A bathroom remodel is often done when we want to replace old fixtures (such as basins, toilets, and baths and showers) with new ones, or when we are simply tired of our dull and boring bathrooms and would like to give it a major upgrade. But a remodeling project can quickly turn sour if it’s not done in an efficient manner. Efficiency is key for any building and remodeling project, especially if you want to maximise the costs and get full value for your money as well as reduce unnecessary time and effort. Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Here’s how you can really make your bathroom remodeling project – and your bathroom – more efficient.

Convert an unused bath to a shower

If you have a bath in your bathroom and you know that it’s hardly being used, then it doesn’t make any sense to replace it with another bath. A bath takes up a lot of space, and if it’s not being used anyway, you may as well replace it with a shower enclosure which can really be optimised (and which can also save you some precious space). What you can do is simply convert your bath into a shower area, and doing this won’t even require you to reroute or replace plumbing and pipe work.

Do it yourself?

One other option you have to make your bathroom remodeling project more efficient is to install some of the fixtures yourself. For example, if you’re planning to replace your old and rundown toilet with a new one, you can do it yourself. If you’re simply putting a new toilet in place of the old one, you can hook it up yourself. This can save you money on labour costs and the plumber or builder you hire can focus on other tasks whilst you’re doing this one yourself.

Think of the ventilation

To have a more efficient bathroom, ventilation matters as well. You need to think of the proper way to air out your bathroom; if you have only one window (or you don’t have one at all), it may be a good time to install a vent, since the professionals are already there. By having better ventilation in your bathroom through a vent, you can inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould, making your bathroom more pleasant and safer for your family as well.

A great bathroom starts with careful planning and consideration. You want your bathroom to be efficient, yes – but you can begin by being more efficient on its remodel, too. By taking care of a few key elements, your bathroom remodeling and refurbishing project need not waste more money and time and effort than necessary.

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