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Inexpensive Ways To Create More Living Space At Home

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Space is a valuable resource when it comes to property. Rooms that are spacious generally feel more comfortable to reside in, while simultaneously having more capacity for storage and decorations. Additionally, space within a home coincides with value and properties with more space typically have a higher value on the market. As such, it is worthwhile for residents to create as much space within a home as possible.

While certain homes may not feel like they can expand their living space much further, there are almost always options for increasing capacity, whether it is building an extension or simply optimising storage space. And, while some might be put off by the associated costs, we’re going to show you how it can be done without breaking the bank.

Raise It Up

Vertical space is seldom optimised to the same extent that horizontal space is, an issue that can leave homes feeling cluttered very quickly. By raising assets, decorations, and even certain furniture upward, space can be alleviated and more capacity created.

Shelving, for example, is a typical example of vertical space optimisation and can be used to usefully elevate cooking utensils and kitchen equipment or even to store infrequently used homeware items in a stylish way, from books to houseplants.

Build New Space

Creating new space, whether a new storey or extension, is a classic and well-favoured method of expanding a home’s living space. These endeavours, however, are often costly, despite their generally favourable return on investment. Thankfully, there are now alternative options.

Summerhouses and log cabins, outbuildings that can be established quickly and easily within a garden space, are becoming more popular among homeowners as they are low-cost methods of creating an entirely new room within a property, ideal for creative studios, dining areas, and even home office spaces.

Combine Spaces

Multifunction spaces have become more familiar to homes, especially in the wake of remote working popularity. This is because extra pressure is being placed upon living spaces, with residents being nudged to incorporate professional spaces in a home that is already dedicated to personal space.

As a result, multifunctionality and modular design is being utilised, with homeowners adopting folding and moveable designs to transform spaces on the fly. Some are even creating fold-away desk spaces built into their cupboards!

Clever Storage

There are now a number of ways in which a homeowner can improve their storage space, with many homeware shops offering fantastic gadgets to improve a home’s practical design.  In addition to containers and shelving options, there are also a number of options for furniture with storage too, such as sofas and coffee tables that open up to allow for items to be placed inside.

It can also be worthwhile to identify any currently unused space within a home, space that can be converted into storage. Boiler rooms, attics, stairwells, and even garden sheds can all be very easily optimised for safe and secure storage with a little planning.

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