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Kinds of Mulch: Which One Suits your Landscaping Needs?

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Spring is the perfect time of the year to spread a bit of mulch to refresh your landscape’s look. You apply mulch to flower beds, walking paths and around tree bases. It prevents moisture evaporation and weed growth as well as improves the overall quality of the soil. While it doesn’t totally eliminate week in your yard, it is an excellent option if you want your garden to be pesticide-free.

Mulch comes in various types that can make it hard to pick the right type for your yard. Here are the different kinds of mulch to choose from:

Organic Mulch

This kind of mulch is commonly used because it is perfect for most gardening situations. Using organic mulch is quite beneficial since it decomposes when used. Also, while organic mulch breaks down, it is improving the quality of the soil in it. The soil plays an important role in your garden and yard and using quality soil ensures your dream landscape is achieved.

Organic mulch also has many kinds and you have to decide which one suits your landscaping needs. For instance, aged organic mulch is the best choice if you are looking to improve your soil quality and overall plant growth. Also, fresh organic mulch is used for controlling week growth and enhancing the look of the area that it is planted in. While fresh organic mulch doesn’t decompose as quickly as aged organic mulch, it lasts longer.

Stone Mulch

This kind of mulch is often used to add stability to the garden or yard. Stone mulch is perfectly exemplified near downspouts and on hills since these areas are usually washed away. Because of stone mulch, they will stay place. Also, this type of mulch is the perfect choice for improving garden or yard aesthetics and maintaining a residential landscape design. However, you will need to do the job of pulling weeds and removing debris from the mulch.

Color-Enhanced Mulch

Dyed mulch such as black or red mulch can be used for adding contrast or making plants and flowers stand out in a landscape. This kind of mulch is dyed with natural dyes to provide them with lasting colors. Although working with them can be little messy, the look of fresh mulch is lasting.

When spreading mulch, you want to avoid piling it high around a tree’s base. Although this can look nice, it can cause significant damage. Too much mulching can saturate the roots of the tree with water that can cause fungus and rot issues. Also, this can prevent oxygen from reaching the roots.

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