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Ten of the Best Home Improvement Tips From the Experts

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If you’re thinking about improving your home, remodeling, or doing some renovations it’s important to get a lot of information beforehand so that you can plan, prepare, and budget accordingly. We’ve undertaken a few renovations over the years and while I’m not an expert, I can definitely appreciate advice and tips from those that of been there before or constantly do it as in real estate investors or flippers. Here are some of the 10 best home improvement tips from the experts.

#1. The cheapest way to improve the look of a room is to paint.

If you’re pinching pennies, nothing stretches a budget like paint. You can make a big impact simply by painting a room completely different color. It also looks a lot cleaner, fresher, and newer. – Greg Dallaire, Green Bay Realtor

#2. Focus on the lighting.

The lighting really makes a dramatic impact on a room. Natural light is best, but if the room is somewhat darker, try installing pale colored flooring, a fancy chandelier instead of pendant lighting’s, and corner lamps both floor and table lamps. – Dennis Lindsay, Dayton NV Realtor

#3. Go big on the details.

I’m not saying paint an entire room brick red, but a pop of red in high impact details can really add texture and an interesting look to the home. Unusual hardware, bold finishes, and unique textures are a great way to add a unique look to a room. – Eve Alexander, Tampa buyers broker

#4. Use shelves sparingly.

Shelves and bookcases are a great way to display your staff a but be intentional about the type of shelving you use. You don’t want to clutter up the walls but a good mix of books, plants, and collectibles can make a beautiful statement in any room. – Marcus Brown, Portland Realtor

#5. Multitask.

Make the space a multitasker. You can tuck things into a bedroom, use under the bed storage, or position a death in a corner of the dining room for an instant office. If you have a smaller home this is especially true. Cleverly adding cabinets and shelves in laundry rooms and mudroom’s can really expand your space. – Vicki Knieper, Lake Grandbury Realtor

#6. Keep it gender-neutral.

In today’s PC day and age, general neutrality is something we all should be a little bit more aware of, but it’s nowhere more important than a house. You don’t want to go overboard on floral salmon and looks but you also don’t want to go to masculine either. Simple designs, clean lines, and a decor that fits a wide variety of budgets and tastes will do you well both for yourself and if you’re planning on selling. – Fort Myers Realtor Zach Staruch

#7. Budget and furniture.

I can’t tell you how many people have spent the entire renovation budget on hardware and the bones of the structure only to have leftover furniture that doesn’t really go. Be intentional about your furniture and make sure you have some room left over in your budget if you need to buy new pieces. Bend OR Realtor Reed Melton

#8. Watch the trends.

Don’t go overboard by choosing materials that may be popular at the moment and what everybody is doing at the time. Unless you really love it, go for something that’s timeless. These new farmhouse sinks are everywhere, but I don’t know how sustainable they are when it comes to timeless design. Choose something that will work, can be easily replaced, and spend the majority of your budget on timeless materials and finishes. – Todd Blair, Palm Beach Gardens Realtor

#9. Spend the budget on things you use every day.

Really take a good look at your budget and what you can cut the budget and then other places where you really want to splurge on things you love. Prioritize a higher percent of your budget on things that make you happy, things you will love, and things you’ll regret not buying if you don’t do it. – Boca Raton 55+ Realtor Aaron Cohen

#10. Use as much of what you own as you can.

Not everything has to be donated or thrown away. Some of your own collections can be used as wall art, or repurposed into a different type of peace, artwork, or simply display differently. – ME! Las Vegas Realtor Debbie Drummond

Showing off your personality in a home renovation or improvement project is the key. Plan ahead, prioritize the budget and do what makes you happy.

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