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Types of Timber For Your Deck

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When it comes to building a timber deck in your garden or yard, making the right choice is going to be important. What you will first have to consider is how much money you have to spend, what kind of properties you require from timber such as fireproof or rot resistant. Additionally you can be thinking about the color and pattern of the timber, which will also help you to decide which is best. Once you know this information, it is important that you have an understanding of what timbers are available, and here are some of the most commonly chosen for decking.

Jarrah Timber

Jarrah is one of the most popular choices for timber decking and whilst it may be on the more expensive side of things, there are many benefits of this timber which inspire people to buy. The color is the main reason why people love Jarrah timber so much, with deep reds and earthy browns, with touches of lighter shades in-between. This is also a fire-resistant timber and it carries a durability rating of 2, which again makes it a good option for timber.

 Blackbutt  Timber

Blackbutt timber is native to Australia and offers a delightful pale brown color for your timber deck. This is a perfect option for those in areas which are highly prone to bushfires, given its ultra-resistance to fire. Blackbutt can be stained but most look to keep its natural hues and seal it only.

Spotted Gum  Timber

This is another great option for areas which are prone to bushfires, and like Jarrah it also has a durability rating of 2. Spotted Gum timber is also home-grown which is good news for the local industry and for the timber’s green credentials. There is quite a variety of colors which this timber comes in, giving you a good range of choice depending on what you are looking for.

Merbau Timber

This has long been one of the most popular options for timber decking and for building homes for many years. Much of this is down to the price point of this timber, which is very much in the mid-range when compared to other options. Merbau timber has a durability rating of 2, and it is not just fire resistant but also naturally resistant to rot and to insects.

Stringybark  Timber

And finally we have this beautiful looking timber which is going to look great on your deck. There are three color options which you have with Stringybark timber: yellow, red and white. It is worth bearing in mind however that the red timber is much harder to get your hands on, and therefore will come at a premium. It is the yellow Stringybark which will be most suitable for a timber deck, with its durability rating of 2 and how easy it is to work with.

These are some of the best choices which you can make for materials for your timber decking. Again this will be based on what you want to spend and what qualities you need from your timber.

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